Including an Analysis of Joe Musgrove’s Arbitration Eligibility



This offseason, organizations will be forced to a crossroads that has been uniquely created by the impact of the shortened season. The challenge lies in balancing the status of their profit margins against the well-being of the relationship with their players.

  • Another option includes a decision to pay discounted salaries in…

Scratching the Surface of Data Privacy Laws



Major League Baseball (MLB) has progressively adopted the use of technologies that have continued to extensively track player performance and biometric data.¹ Presently, the legalities associated with the access and protection of this data have been largely unquestioned.² However, as the advancement of technology moves forward, a new standard on data rights will need to be determined.³ This analysis will seek to evaluate the different types of data collected and examine the rights associated with each type.
There are three parts to this analysis.

  • Part…

Austin Plants

Law student at Capital University Law School

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